Mercedes Fuses The Coupe & SUV

Mercedes Fuses The Coupe & SUV

A sporty coupé-styled SUV, the Mercedes GLE Coupe comes just in time for the Christmas list.
The new vehicle is a fusion between a real SUV and a sports coupé and is 4.9m long, 2m wide and 1.7m tall. The GLE Coupé comes with permanent four-wheel-drive as standard and a nine-speed automatic transmission, plus a host of electronic handling and stability controls that should keep the car in check and behaving as intended, even in tricky situations.

The GLE Coupe features a system recently debuted in the latest S class, the active curve system. This innovation actively moves or tilts the body of the car in an equal and opposite direction when cornering hard. Variable distribution of the rolling moment adapts the vehicle to every situation. The driver has a feeling of driving on rails – especially in vehicles with a high centre of gravity. In off-road, the system ensures improved axle articulation by decoupling the two stabilizer bars on the front and rear axles.

Once launched, the vehicle will be available in a number of engine sizes: a V6, 3-liter turbodiesel engine or a V6 3-liter biturbo petrol engine. However, expect most interest to be focused on the AMG sport variant that will sit above the standard range but below the company’s true AMG models.

The GLE marks Mercedes step in giving its standard cars the ferocious performance power of the brand’s AMG sports cars. The new product line from Mercedes-AMG has allowed the company to make true sports car technology and the fascination of motorsports more accessible. According to reports, the four-wheel-drive system will favour the rear wheels – 60% of the power will be at the back and 40% will be featured in the front, giving the vehicle a sportier, dynamic feel.

The exterior receives a facelift with a reworked front and rear apron and a different rear spoiler. The vehicle sits on special AMG alloy wheels and the cabin gets a carbon fiber rather than wood grain trim.