BMW Updates the 3-Series

BMW Updates the 3-Series

The new sedan and estate car has been tweaked to look lower, wider and more dynamic — thanks to new bumpers and headlights. Yet, the 2015 BMW 3-Series line-up is by no means simplified; it includes Gran Turismo (3GT) hatchback models to the lineup, as well as a Sports Wagon.

While the updates on the exterior are subtle, BMW’s most popular model has received a serious internal update for 2015. For years, the BMW 3-Series has been considered the performance benchmark for sport sedans. And, while the German carmaker has made a tremendous effort to increase the efficiency of its power-trains, the 3-Series thankfully hasn’t lost any of its sharp driving character.

The model numbers no longer correspond to engines; the 2015 BMW 3-Series gets a lot of forward thrust from four- and six-cylinder engines. Forget laggy turbocharged engines, these turbo fours and sixes have boost that comes on so quickly that you probably won’t guess that they’re turbos. BMW’s 3-series of 2015 is very different under the owner’s right foot. These new offerings of the three- four- and six-cylinder gas and four-cylinder diesel engines, allow for new levels of performance or efficiency

Inside, the BMW 3-Series’ cabin is spacious for those in front, and roomy for cargo, although back-seat space is still a bit limited. The modern interior design makes good use of the space, though; just beware that some of the many trim combinations can get a little too ‘splashy,’ visually.

Driving Dynamics Control is included for the entire 3-Series line-up. The driver can toggle between Eco Pro, Comfort (default), Sport, and Sport+ modes. The Sport mode allows for a sharpened steering response, delayed shift points, while Sport+ allows more slip from the stability control and permits an electronic limited-slip diff mode to give the rear wheels more traction.