Toyota’s Smart Car Window Might be a Gamechanger

Toyota’s Smart Car Window Might be a Gamechanger

Road trips with kids usually involve plenty of excitement at first – but eventually, they’ll end up staring at a phone or tablet, right?

Toyota’s Window to the World concept might change this forever. Forget regular car windows – this concept means your windows could be a screen, a canvas, or an augmented reality experience.

Watch the original concept video here:

The collaborative work with Toyota Motor Europe and the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design have conceptualised and visualised car windows as interactive screens. Passengers can draw, enlarge, translate, view augmented distances and virtual constellations.

It is an interface for young passengers to spark an unorthodox form of education, entertainment, and creativity while on the road. We can’t give enough credit to the designers and engineers for creating it in such a simplistic and user-friendly way.

Here are some of the features the Window To The World may have:

– Drawing in motion: the window is used as a canvas for passengers to draw on.

– Zoom function: this allows passengers to zoom in on the landscape for a closer look.

– Translate: this allows passengers to click on an object viewed through the window the system will then translate that object into a foreign language via voice and text.

– Distances: users will be able to click on objects viewed through the window, and the screen will display the distance.

– Constellations: a panoramic sunroof that displays constellations and communicates more information about them.

Technology continues to advance rapidly and we wonder if the world is ready for this kind of augmented driving reality. Originally proposed in 2011, Toyota has been quiet about the idea until they started filing patents in 2016. When will the Window to the World hit our shores? There have been no official statements from Toyota, but we can’t wait to test drive the idea.