5 Luxury Interiors That Will Have You Calling Shotgun.

5 Luxury Interiors That Will Have You Calling Shotgun.

When it comes to cars, performance is what really matters – but we won’t deny that a little vanity never hurt anybody. That’s why we’ve listed our top five ridiculously indulgent, ultra-luxury car interiors for your viewing pleasure.

After all we spend most of our time inside the car, so it’s important for it to look good, nay, great! Every car enthusiast has their process when it comes to keeping the interior clean and smelling good but here we uncover those who go the extra mile to manipulate and indulge in unique and exquisite interiors.


#1 Porsche Panamera in White & Gold

White crocodile leather and gold finishes – you definitely have to be a style icon, as well as a neat-freak, to pull this off. This music-video-ready interior definitely turns heads. If you’re a fan of white and gold, this bold yet charming design was custom-fitted by TopCar.


#2 Dragon-scaled Nissan GT-R

Created by Vilner, this beastly interior definitely matches what’s under the hood. The interior is fitted with embroidered dragon scales, just in case you wanted to express your love for Game of Thrones in a completely unique way.


#3 MiniSteam Countryman

Custom shop Carlex Design is responsible for this steampunk masterpiece. This very special Countryman is luxuriously designed with a copper, brass, wood and sprocket-appointed interior.


#4 Cherry-blossomed Rolls Royce

If your interior goals include florals – well, then you’re definitely not afraid to get off the beaten path. This cherry blossom interior is certainly a fresh approach to the pretty side of car interiors. With sky-blue leather and a custom designed roof, this Rolls Royce manages to stay light and classy.


#5 Mercedes-Maybach S-Class Pullman

Who needs to fly first-class when your interior looks like this? This four-seater dream has reclining seats, and even a centre console for champagne. The only thing that’s missing is a flight attendant.

So those are our top 5 luxurious interiors – which would you choose? Comment below and let us know.