Genesis, the Brands First Attempt at a Luxury Sedan.

Genesis, the Brands First Attempt at a Luxury Sedan.

Genesis has stepped up its game once again and introduced a new midsize luxury sedan, Genesis G90.


This 2017 model embodies styling, progression and innovation aimed to seamlessly integrate into your life. From top notch safety to optimum luxury. Genesis is overall first class luxury.

The G90’s cutting-edge technology features are designed to anticipate what is needed before the driver does. Ensuring maximum safety for those in the vehicle. With features such as:

Lane-keep assist: this will assist the driver from unexpected lane changes and apply corrective speeds and controls

Smart cruise control: Maintaining the speed set by the driver the vehicle has a radar detects the distance of the car in front. Once the vehicle even comes to a complete stop cruise control will engage after 3 seconds.

Driver attention alert: A system that analyses driving and positioning in the lane. If fatigue or distraction is detected the car will give off a visual or audio signal.

The Genesis G90 is designed for first class comfort stimulating both body and mind.

VIP seats – With 22 adjustable control to maneuver the your seat to your precise comfort.

Sound insulation – Prime sound optimizations and noise absorption surrounding the interior of the vehicle in a cocoon of silence.

Of course the performance of the Genesis G90 is dynamic, responsive and stable creating a smooth and elegant driving experience.

Two engines are offered a 365hp 3.3 litre twin-turbo V6 and a 420hp 5.0 litre V8 both with an eight-speed automatic and rear – or all wheel drive.

Overall we love the Genesis G90 it is dynamic, safe and above all meaty and luxurious!