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From ancient civilisations in Egypt to supercars in modern society– we pay tribute to Luxury Transportation through the ages in this Multi-part Blog Series.  Let’s start our journey taking a closer look at the progress from Ancient Times to the internal-combustion engine and see how Luxury transportation has evolved.

Torque vs Horsepower (or kilowatt as we measure in South Africa), is enough to rally many car enthusiast up into a lively debate. We take a closer look at the Science behind car performance and let you decide if an engine should be a grunter or a screamer.

Saturday is not only Heritage day but also National Braai day. We are sure many of you will be having lively conversations around the open fire about luxury cars and how they perform. A great way to get this never-ending debate going is with the saying – “Horsepower is how fast you hit the wall. Torque is how fast you take the wall with you”.

Most South Africans will agree that with our fantastic weather, everything we do is better when experienced outdoors; beer tasting while watching the sunset over a mountain top,  mastering your Krav Maga moves in a park, even meat tastes better on an open fire. You certainly won’t find any South Africans indoors during National Braai day on the 24th of September.  However, nothing comes close to winding down a South African road and experiencing the thrill of open-air driving in a Luxury Convertible with the wind in your hair and the sun warming your skin.