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The right car can be invaluable to the right collector and rare cars can fetch a fortune. What makes a car rare? It may be the age, a distinctive design or the number of models produced, whatever the reason these cars are extremely desirable and highly sought after. Let’s take a closer look…

Cars have become a part of our daily lives, you see them everywhere you go and yet, how much do you really know about them? Read though our list of 15 interesting facts you never knew about cars!

Since Karl Benz built his first car in 1885, automobiles have been consistently evolving. Each passing decade brings with it a different look and feel, as moods and needs change, so do cars. In celebration of this astounding evolution, we are pleased to present you with our picks for the best-looking cars from each decade of the 20th century!

From ancient civilisations in Egypt to supercars in modern society– we pay tribute to Luxury Transportation through the ages in this Multi-part Blog Series.  Let’s start our journey taking a closer look at the progress from Ancient Times to the internal-combustion engine and see how Luxury transportation has evolved.