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Getting your car detailed? Here’s what to look for

Written by Scott Pharoah

Getting your car detailed? Here’s what to look for

Everyone loves a good before and after. We love watching someone transformed with a new haircut, or a room uplifted with a coat of paint, and having your car detailed is no different.

Why should you get your car detailed?

There are a few reason for car detailing:

  • You’ll enjoy your car more when it looks and feels fresh
  • You’ll maintain the value of your investment vehicle if you keep it in good shape
  • With less dust and dirt, your engine will run smoother and last longer

What to look for

Car detailing aims to get your vehicle looking like it just rolled off the factory floor. Done properly, your car will look, feel, and even smell new. Here’s what you should look out for when getting your car detailed.


Seats: Your seats, whether they’re leather or cloth, should be vacuumed and cleaned. Scuffs on leather should be repaired and the leather should be treated with specialist products to keep them supple and in good shape.

Carpets: The carpets in your car should be vacuumed, dust and dirt free, and cleaned deeply to remove embedded dirt.

Dashboard: Your dashboard should be dust-free, mark-free and scuff-free. Any minor scratches should be repaired.

Airvents: The airvents in your car should free from any dust and dirt, and should move smoothly and easily on their hinges.

Gaps: the gaps between the centre console and your seats, as well as under your seats, should be clear of any dirt, dust or grime.

Cubbyhole: Make sure the cubby hole hasn’t been neglected. This too should be clean and neat when you get your car back from getting detailed.

Drinks-holders: Any drinks-holders in your car should be cleaned of residue, dirt, and grime. If they are not stationary, they should move smoothly on their mechanism.

Glass: The windows on the inside of your car should be clean of grime and streak-free. Your windshield should be absolutely clear of any dirt.

Smell: There’s a reason that “new-car smell” is well-known. When your car gets detailed, it should smell fresh and clean.


Wheels: Your wheels are generally the dirtiest part of your car. Any mud, grime and grease will be removed with a good car detail, and scratches should be buffed out.

Paint: The paint job on your car will be cleared of dirt, minor scratches and scuffs, and polished to a high shine.

Windows and window-wipers: all of the windows on the outside of your car should be clean and free of streaks and marks. Your wipers should be cleaned and move smoothly.

Lights: your car’s headlights and tail-lights can become dull with time. A good car detail with clear them up and improve the efficacy of your lights on the road.

Chrome finishes: If your car has any chrome finishes, they will be cleaned and buffed to a high shine.

Grille: The grille of your car should be clean of any dirt, and every nook and cranny should be free of grime.

Logo: Finally, your car’s defining feature – the logo. Your logo should be cleaned and polished. If your vehicle car has a hood ornament, it should be polished to a high shine.

How often should you get your car detailed?

A good rule of thumb is to get your car detailed with the change of each season, but there is no harm getting it detailed more often.

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August 8, 2018
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