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Written by Scott Pharoah


Keeping your vehicle regularly maintained and serviced not only ensures it remains in excellent condition, costing you less upkeep, but it also increases the resale value come time to upgrade to a newer model. 

Here are 5 things you can do regularly to keep your vehicle in excellent condition:

  • Service your vehicle regularly – almost every manufacturer has recommended services scheduled according to year or kms travelled in which they service certain aspects of the vehicle. Make sure you stick to the allocated services and wherever possible, try to go to the manufacturer itself to ensure original parts are used. 
  • Keep inspecting your vehicle regularly yourself – get to know your vehicle and the indicators for when something goes wrong. If warning lights go on, address them immediately; if something feels off, get it looked at sooner rather than later. This will avoid further problems down the line. 
  • Check your tyre tread regularly – tyres can last a long time but when they start disintegrating, they do so quickly so continuously monitor your tyres, checking the tread to ensure that they are aligned with the recommended width. Driving on the road with little to no tread is a recipe for disaster. 
  • Pay attention to wheel alignment – we may overlook the seriousness of wheel alignment as we become used to controlling the pull, however, leaving our wheels unaligned causes further damage to tyres and other areas of the vehicle down the line. Make sure you correct you wheel alignment immediately once you feel it’s unaligned. 
  • Replace windshield wipers – not only do worn windscreen wipers hamper vision during wet weather making it dangerous to be on the roads, but they scratch your windscreen too. Regularly check your windscreen wipers to ensure they’re in good condition and replace them when they start giving in. 

Stay tuned for our next blog post with more maintenance tips to keep your luxury vehicle in the best condition. 

February 26, 2021
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