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Written by Scott Pharoah


It promises a seamless, powerful drive, boasts a timeless, elegant beauty and leaves you with a sense of pure satisfaction and elation; but if that’s not convincing enough for you, here are a few more practical reasons as to why purchasing a pre-owned luxury vehicle is a good move for you. 

Pre-owned Warranty Programmes 

You’re not left to fend for yourself when things go wrong. Believing in offering a valued service and looking after their clients, high-end brands usually offer pre-owned warranties and extended warranties (even years down the line) to ensure your vehicle doesn’t cost you an arm and leg to keep running. 

Less Depreciation 

The first owner took the biggest hit, and while this depreciation hit may vary from model and brand, you can be pretty certain that a new vehicle will depreciate quicker over the same period of time than a pre-owned one would. Your value for money is therefore higher, wouldn’t you agree?

Built to Last 

High-end vehicles are good, solid machines that have been built to last. Sure, you’re spending slightly more than you would on an economical vehicle, but the chances of faults are slim and the differences are more often than not incomparable. So, while your initial outlay may look daunting, if you’re looking after your baby, it shouldn’t give you any hassles.

Safety is Not a Question 

Luxury vehicles are built with safety in mind, first introducing many of the safety features we see in most vehicles these days. A pre-owned luxury vehicle will more than likely still have more safety features that far outweigh a new economical vehicle, despite technological innovations. This is because high-end brands are in a better position to invest in safety. 

More Bang for your Buck 

The quality, the comfort, the features, the innovation (to name a few) far outweigh the money you’ve spent or what you may get for a brand-new economical vehicle. And you just can’t argue with that. A pre-owned luxury vehicle is still of a higher quality than most vehicles on the road. There’s simply no substitute for luxury, style, and class.

Cause You’ve Damn Well Earned It 

We just threw this one in as an extra point but we don’t need to elaborate much. You’ve worked hard and you’ve sacrificed, so why not spoil yourself?

Convinced you yet? Check out our virtual showroom to find a pre-owned luxury vehicle suited to you, then get in touch for a test drive!

February 26, 2021
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