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Winter Tips

Written by Scott Pharoah

Winter Tips

Winter is fast approaching which means colder weather, darker mornings, icy roads and a lot more fog and mist – sounds exciting, doesn’t it?

Whatever your take on winter, it’s important to understand that our vehicles take a bit of a beating during these next couple of months, so knowing how to prep them correctly and give them a little extra TLC will come in handy. 

We’ve rounded up five easy to do steps to ensure your vehicle is winter ready, whether you’re car savvy or not.  

  1. Get your vehicle serviced

This should be done regularly according to kms travelled and years owned. However, if possible, schedule one right before winter too, in order to ensure your vehicle is ready to withstand the winter months. 

  1. Check the battery 

Due to the increased use of lights, heaters and other vehicle accessories during winter, your battery takes more of a beating. Make sure you give it a once over before the start of winter to ensure it can handle the additional strain. 

  1. Check your tyres 

Although we don’t experience snow in South Africa, our roads are wet and icy due to frost and dew in the mornings. Make sure your tyres are in good condition with enough tread. Tread is recommended to be at least 3mm in winter months for better grip. 

  1. Clean your lights 

You’ll be using your lights more often with darker mornings and afternoons, as well as limited vision due to fog and mist. Make sure they’re clean and that none of the bulbs have blown. These include your indicators and any reflectors. 

  1. Top up your anti-freeze 

Check your anti-freeze level to ensure your vehicle doesn’t overheat and make sure to top up with more if necessary. It should be a 50/50 mix with water. You can test this while the engine is cold or take it to your local garage to check for you. 

Added tip – if possible, keep your vehicle under shelter or in a garage at night. If this isn’t possible, try and invest in a shield to cover. 

If looking out for any of the above doesn’t come naturally to you, you don’t have to worry, take your vehicle to a professional who will be happy to assist. 

Drive safely! 

February 26, 2021
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