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10 Fuel Saving Tips

Written by Scott Pharoah

10 Fuel Saving Tips

The petrol and diesel price are set to increase yet again, and so we thought this would be the perfect opportunity to share 10 fuel-saving tips with you to offset the additional expense.

  • Plan your trips 

Try and plan your errands around a similar route and on one big trip instead of making smaller, regular trips. This avoids you having to drive your car more than needed. 

  • Get rid of additional weight 

The heavier your car, the more fuel it uses, so make sure you’re not carrying around unnecessary, heavy loads, and if possible, remove roof racks, bike racks, etc if they’re not being used. 

  • Use the aircon sparingly 

Your aircon uses quite a bit of fuel every time it’s on, so unless you’re in dire straits with scorching degrees outside, try winding down the windows rather for some fresh air instead of using the aircon.

  • Accelerate smoothly 

Accelerating harshly and pulling off at a speed is doing nothing for your fuel consumption, in fact, it causes you to use up more fuel than necessary. When you’re pulling off or speeding up for whatever reason, make sure you do it gradually and smoothly to save on your fuel.

  • Be a patient driver 

The best way to drive is at a consistent speed (stick to the speed limit) and in the highest gear, so if you’re a patient, consistent driver and avoid speeding up regularly or aggressive driving, you’ll use less fuel and save yourself some money.

  • Make sure your tyre pressure is correct 

The lower your tyre pressure, the more fuel used to move your car. Make sure you know what your tyre pressure should be and regularly check your tyres (at least twice a week, more if you travel often), filling them when necessary.

  • Go easy on your brakes 

Much like acceleration, braking too aggressively and suddenly can have a negative impact on your fuel consumption. When approaching to stop, give yourself time to slow down gradually so that you just need to touch the brakes to stop.

  • Car pool with friends and colleagues 

To save on additional fuel costs, why not car pool with colleagues, friends or family going to the same place or taking a regular route to you and split the costs. This not only saves on costs and fuel consumption, but on your car’s mileage and wear and tear too.

  • Service your car regularly 

Believe it or not, keeping your car in good condition with regular services can help save on fuel consumption and costs too, so make sure you don’t skip out on your required services. 

  • Close your windows 

If you don’t need the fresh air, ensure your windows are closed while traveling (especially far distances) as the wind creates more drag, making your car heavier and therefore impacting your fuel consumption. Remember, a lighter car uses less fuel. 

February 26, 2021
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