The quick guide to the BMW i8 Roadster

Picture a Hybrid car. Are you thinking of a slightly chunky, family-sized, practical piece of machinery? Think again. BMW is setting the standard for what a hybrid car can be. The new BMW i8 Roadster is a beautiful, fast, fun sports car that also happens to be a hybrid. It’s the sportier version of the BMW i8 model.

Since winning the North American Concept Car of the Year Award in 2013, BMW has taken the i8 Roadster from a concept car, and has turned it into a beautiful production-ready car with a hybrid engine that takes it from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.6 seconds.

With the aluminium chassis and high-strength carbon-fibre passenger compartment, the car’s LifeDrive Architecture means that the car is fully weight-optimised to be the perfect sports car.

The interior of the BMW i8 Roadster

Image Source: BMW


Even the roof mechanism is meticulously designed. While the car is designed to be driven open-air, the soft-top roof folds out seamlessly to provide the driver and passenger with cover.

The precisely-planned exterior is matched only by the sleek interior of the car. With smooth contours and a dash curved towards the driver side, the driver doesn’t sit in the seat so much as become part of the car.


The BMW i8 Roadster interior

Image Credit: BMW

A Collector’s Item

The i8 Roadster is a worthy addition to any luxury car collection, but the BMW i8 Roadster First edition is something special. With a production run of only 200, the limited edition comes with jet black matte 20” light-alloy wheels, a Roadster emblem on the exterior panels of the car, and a First Edition Sign on the interior of the car.

BMW i8 Roadster limited edition

Image Credit: BMW


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The new Mercedes-Benz A Class – everything you need to know

The long-awaited Mercedes-Benz 2018 A-Class is expected to be launched in South Africa before the end of the year. With its beautifully re-imagined design, it’s worth getting excited about. Here are some of the highlights you can expect:

What’s new in the 2018 Mercedes-Benz A-Class?

In-car office

The in-car office feature turns the A-Class into a virtual personal assistant. Whether you need to check when your next meeting is, or need the directions to a new restaurant, the A-Class has you covered.

A user-experience revolution

Mercedes-Benz User Experience – MBUX – transforms every drive into a relaxing, personal experience. With voice-activated controls, a touch screen, and controls on the steering wheel, Mercedes’ has thought of everything to make driving an everyday luxury.

new mercedes-benz a-class









Image credit: Mercedes-Benz


The Mercedes Me App brings your car to your phone. Connecting the A-Class to your smartphone allows you to lock your car, find its location and even check the fuel. The new A-Class comes ready to connect to your phone, and it makes for a perfectly smooth experience.


The A-Class has been designed by humans, for humans. Peter Balko – Manager Creative Interior of Mercedes-Benz Design – aimed to bring a human element into the interior design of the A-class, while also pushing innovation.


Michael Danner – Manager Strak Exterior (Class-A Surfacing) designed the outside of the new A-Class to be sporty while maintaining its classic look. It’s a progressive and emotional exterior for a new car that is sure to make waves in hatchback design.

the new mercedes-benz A-class









Image credit: Mercedes-Benz

 If you can’t get enough of the A-Class, watch the official release videos from Mercedes-Benz here.

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