The Mercedes-Benz EQC

The Premiere of the Mercedes-Benz EQC

The Mercedes-Benz EQC is the first all-electric car from the luxury German brand. Here’s a quick summary of what’s been announced.

EQC Premiere Live Stream

In a world premiere held at the Artipelag art museum in Stockholm, Sweden, Mercedes-Benz announced their new all-electric model the EQC.

The Mercedes-Benz EQC is the first all-electric vehicle from the luxury car brand. The car was officially unveiled on 4 September 2018, the EQC has been in production for years. Undergoing numerous tests to ensure that the car runs silently, handles extreme driving conditions, and has a reduced environment impact, it is finally ready to go into production. The first Mercedes-Benz EQC is expected to be released in 2019.

Final Heat Test

In a press release from Mercedes, CEO of Mercedes-Benz cars Dieter Zetsche stated: “The EQC brings design, functionality and service together in a unique way. It offers day-to-day suitable e-mobility in a very special package: the EQC is an electric car, and at the same time 100 percent a Mercedes.”

With smoother contours and blue LED headlights, the EQC further differentiates itself from other Mercedes-Benz vehicles. It is instantly recognisable as a new direction for the German car brand, both in engine and body design.

Electric-powered cars are becoming more accessible and attainable. It is important that Mercedes-Benz provides what their consumers look for: comfort, style, and power. With two electric batteries, the EQC has a power output of 300kW.

For a full outline of the vehicle’s design, we found this article to be comprehensive.

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The 5 coolest luxury concept cars

The brands we love are pushing the boundaries for what is possible for the future of luxury cars. We’re taking a look at five of the coolest luxury car concepts around.

What are the best luxury concept cars around?

BMW Vision Next 100

“Our goal was to create a very personal vehicle. There will always be that highly emotional Connection between a BMW and its driver.” – Karim Habib
Head of BMW Automobile Design

BMW’s vision for the next 100 years is encompassed in their concept vehicle, the BMW Vision Next 100. It’s an incredibly beautiful machine and, as the name suggests, it showcases everything BMW foresees for their vehicles in the next 100 years of the company’s existence.

Drive Digitally

The car makes use of new technology to create a digital driving experience. With even the steering wheel having been minimised, the car is a sleek display of digital functionality.

Boost and Ease Mode

The BMW Vision Next 100 has two modes: ease and boost. Boost mode is for the driver who wants to have full control over the car, and have the full experience of the car’s power. Ease mode lets the car take over, allowing the passengers to relax and ease into the experience.

“Alive Geometry”

Perhaps the most impressive feature of this car, the geometrical design of the car creates mesmerising movement with every turn of the wheels.

Porsche Mission E Cross Turismo

“At Porsche, what do we think of today when we think about tomorrow? About the sports car of the future, of course. And also about sustainable mobility. About digitalisation. And, last but not least, about all the enthusiasts who are eagerly looking forward to what lies ahead.” – Porsche International

The Mission E Cross Turismo from Porsche is a concept car showcasing how electric cars can be beautiful, stylish, and – in classic porsche style – fast.

With four individual seats, a Turismo rear end, and four car doors, this is one of the most spacious sports cars made. The concept shows an innovative future for the classic car brand.

For a full 360 view of the interior of the vehicle, visit the Porsche website.

Mercedes-Benz F 015 luxury in motion

A stunning machine, the Mercedes Benz F 015 Luxury in Motion is a luxury vehicle that is defining the ‘luxury’ of luxury concept cars. Described by Project Director Jürgen Weissinger as a “mobile cocoon” the passengers of this concept car are ensconced in innovative displays, comfort, and luxury. Drivers don’t even necessarily need to drive the car – they are free to let the car’s self-driving capabilities take them to where they need to be.

Audi PB18 e-Tron

The Audi PB18 e-Tron is another concept car fully embracing the possibilities of electric-powered sports vehicles. It’s an impressive design – low, sleek, and powerful. Perhaps one of the most innovative features of this concept car is the sliding drivers seat.

Once the driver has settled into the seat by the door, the seat slides into the centre of the vehicle, allowing the driver to fully immerse themselves in the vehicle. Driving becomes a full experience for the driver.

Perhaps what sets this vehicle aside from other concept cars is that it only accommodates one person – the driver. But when you see the vehicle, it’s easy to understand why it’s difficult to share it with anyone else.

Lexus F1 Limitless

A luxury concept SUV, the Lexus F1 Limitless combines practicality with future design. From the digital dashboard to a control dock for passengers in the back of the car, the F1 limitless is the SUV for those hoping for more than just a vehicle that goes from A to B.

From beautiful lighting, in-car entertainment, and seats designed for comfort, this SUV is a far cry from what we picture when we imagine the “family car.”

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