About Us


Traditionally buying a used car has been a nerve-wracking experience. Stories of dubious dealers, tainted cars and lack of service have lead to the perception that one was at the mercy of bandits when dealing with anything other than a new car franchise.

However, over the past few years, the motor industry has been vastly transformed. South Africans as a whole have started insisting on higher levels of service, demanding quality and maximising their benefit when calculating their Rand investment in a motor vehicle. The demand for luxury cars has created a niche market for a dealership like ours to develop. We are able to offer incredible savings compared to equivalent cars sold from publicly listed franchise floors. We have also proven that service levels can be exceeded when the personal touch of an owner driven business exists. The more sophisticated buyer continues to pressure us to provide unparalleled service excellence.

We understand that the choice our customers make to place their vehicle purchase in our hands is a matter of intense trust and therefore we have positioned ourselves in a way which can fulfil the essential requirements in any vehicle purchase; our aim is to supply top quality cars, top quality service and the best value money can buy for each specific and individualised transaction. So often companies forget that the process of buying a new car is often the most expensive purchase made after buying a home and our aim is to safeguard you during this decision making process.


At Pharoah Auto Investments we believe in complete transparency and our numerous customers will vouch for this honest approach to business. We have structured a turnkey sales experience, offering trade in appraisal, finance arrangements, roadworthy, licensing and warranty solutions. At Pharoah Auto Investments we offer you the benefit of driving away in your new car the very same day you choose it! We have accomplished this polished system by employing extremely competent staff to fulfil the various functions within the sales cycle, from the frontline floor reception to the final detailing of your car.

Not only do we offer the finest service in the industry we also endeavour to make your buying experience one of thrill and achievement. Our success is measured by the return visits that our customers make to our premises with friends and family, for a cup of coffee, bringing us referral buyers and often to collect a second, third, fourth vehicle…

Please take time to enjoy our website, view the absolutely magnificent cars on display, familiarise yourself with our business, our staff and put Pharoah Auto Investments to the test. Allow us to turn your dreams into reality.