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Preventing weather damage to luxury cars

Written by Scott Pharoah

Preventing weather damage to luxury cars

As anyone who has spent time in our country can attest, South Africa has some of the most diverse weather conditions. We know that the elements can cause major damage to a vehicle, which is why our showroom provides the best protection to our vehicles. But once you drive away in your luxury vehicle, how can you protect your investment? Here is a list of the damage nature can inflict upon your vehicle, and some tips to keep your car protected.

Top causes of weather damage to cars


While it’s wonderful living in a country with year-round sunshine, the sun can do major damage to your car, such as faded paint, shrunken leather upholstery and warped dashboards.


Living by the coast and taking road-trips to the beach is wonderful, but the seasalt in the air can cause major corrosion damage to your car. The surface of your car can corrode and start to dull, and the engine can begin to rust when salt isn’t cleaned off.

Dust and Sand

Dust build up is inevitable when you live in a city. It can scratch and dull your car’s surface and even impact car safety by getting into miniscule cracks in the windscreen and reducing visibility.


Hail damage is probably the first thing people think of when they hear about weather damage to cars. Depending on the size of hailstones, your car’s paint can get chipped, windscreens can break, and surfaces get covered in dents.


While not as damaging as hail, rain presents its own threat to cars. Rain in the city often has a higher acid content due to pollution. Left on the car’s surface, this acid begins to corrode and ruin the paint work on your car.

Top 8 tips to protect your car from the elements

  1. Always park your car in a carport or in a garage. This provides the surest protection against sun, hail and rain.
  2. Choose undercover parking when visiting offices or shopping malls.
  3. Use sun visors in your car when parking in the sun is your only option.
  4. Invest in a car cover if you know that you will be parked in an uncovered location for extended periods of time.
  5. Keep your car clean. Removing rain marks, dust and salt from the surface of your car will prevent damage.
  6. Repair any paint chips as they happen. Salt and dust can get into these weak points and start corroding the surface of your vehicle.
  7. Keeping your car waxed will provide a protective layer against salt, sun and dust.
  8. If you live by the coast, get your engine rinsed often to prevent salt damage to the mechanics of your car.

We ensure that all our vehicles are kept in protected conditions. Visit our showroom and see for yourself. 

October 24, 2018
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